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We have just  launched our static 5 page website special, for this week the first of October 
There are new features available now, and the new Templates are on show here at our portfolio page

Our New Website has been launched, on the 12/09/06
There are new features available now, and the new Templates are on show
Templates Ready

The Templates are finished and are ready to be initiated into the market place.
I am looking forward to promoting these very user friendly templates, I believe they will save a lot of time and motion that is normally involved. We have created an upmarket and very pleasing to the eye solution for small and large companies alike.
Even though these designs are templated you will still have the flexibility to customise your header, logo and images.

Contact to find out how you can get your business using one of our pre- designed packages for as little as $1,500.00


The Time is getting closer

The new templates are taking a bit longer than anticipated, however there is a good reason for this.
We have been developing some new techniques and have had some rather remarkable success from this!
The Templates are going to be even easier to use for the client than we
had first thought.
The C.M.S. that has been tested is quite a break through in back end simplicity, not only for the professional web user, but also for a very unskilled novice.

We will now be launching these in the middle to end of July. It has taken us a lot more resources than we imagined, but the end result for you the client, will be a pleasure to operate and even easier to understand.
By developing this particular C.M.S. I believe we will have a far greater chance of competing with some of the bigger companies that provide or sell pre-made shelf products.
I will keep you in the picture as we move closer to the big reveal.