Multimedia CDROM

Multimedia CD ROM authoring for high impact marketing

If you're looking for a marketing or presentation medium that is so much more than traditional glossy printed material but does not require an internet connection then our CD ROM authoring service is the solution for you.

Literally bring your products and services to life in a virtual 3D environment.

This is an an eye-catching alternative to presentation software such as PowerPoint. Include video, audio, images, presentations (PowerPoint), 2D web pages, together with 3D models of your products & services.

Distribute to your clients/customers either as a self-navigating 3D environment (with a set camera path tour if desired), or via DVD or VHS video. You can also save 3D models, screenshots and other content as a complimentary 2D web equivalent.

Traditional marketing material such as brochures and flyers, supplemented by multimedia CD ROMs will increase the power of your presentations while keeping the overall marketing costs down.

Increasing the impact of marketing handouts and making presentations more dynamic is our specialty. We study your existing marketing material and enhance it with image, sound and video, helping you convey your message loud and clear.

End Result: you'll be able to give your audience the full picture through the versatility of CD ROM marketing.