How we will help!

We will develop a complete E-Commerce solution with a package to suit your business.
All our sites are tailor made to your specifications and requirements, and are therefore priced accordingly.

The Process:
We consult with you to determine your requirements and answer your questions. We will then provide a professional proposal and a no obligation quote. During the design stage we provide you complete access at every major step, ensuring you receive the exact site you want. We place your proposed site on a test server so you can monitor its progress every step of the way. Providing us with the vital data and informational content, including the links and images will speed up the process. We can then complete the site with in the Time frame you are requiring. Tell us when you want it and we will meet your time dead-line.

On average 80% of the cost of a business website, over its' life time, is in the maintenance of the site. We provide Maintenance Contracts which is an excellent hedge against these costs. We can also setup your website so you can easily change the content of your pages live on the internet. Gtek solutions Control Management system  is
especially useful for those pages that constantly require new information like special events, reports or menus.
By you having 100% ownership of the code this will save significantly on website maintenance fees.

Remember the greatest website in the world will not make you any money if no one can find it!
You must optimize the site to attract search engine traffic. See our S.E.O page for a better understanding.