Content Management System

Content Management Facilities implemented to support your corporate presence ensure medium- and long-term return on your investment, while allowing for the most effective control over the day-to-day information presented on your website.

At Gtek Solutions we understand the needs of our clients are all different, therefore we cater for your individual requirements and specifications on an individual basis. This program also houses a newsletter manager and communication system as a standard application feature.

All our sites are tailor made to your specifications and requirements, and are therefore priced accordingly.

The benefits of this custom built Contents Management System will give your Business a new look and feel, and will give you a defined structure to bring you up onto the E Business platform.

You can have photograph galleries, online shopping carts, event calendars, forums, site search , news feed displays, guestbooks, banner advertising, polls, page comments, newsflash alerts, newsletters and subscription processing, and the list goes on and on, these days there is no limit to what we can do for you.