Check list

Before you begin There are a few key questions that should answered

1)Target Audience:
Who is your website directed at? Other businesses, older people, all age groups. It is important to understand who you?e talking to and what goals you have for the site.

2) Number of Pages:
Do you know the number and types of pages and how they relate to each other. You don? need to know the exact details but try and think about what types of pages you should have.

3) Content:
This means the text inside the pages and is the most important part of the website. The rest of the site builds what we call in the industry Rapport, but the contents are what sells your product or services. In fact if your site looked horrible but had great content it could still be successful, but not the other way around.

4) Design:
Do you know what colors you would like or the type of graphic contents. Do you have logos ready to be used. Your site can be graphic heavy as we say or it can be clean and sparse. It is your choice and is very much a personal decision. If you don? know what you want please surf the internet and find some sites you like.

5) Images:
Do you have all the pictures for the site and are they in a digital format?

6) Forms:
These pages are the ones that collect information from your visitors and then sends you this information as an email. contact us to discuss your options. We will guide you through the process, one step at a time.