The 3D option

3D Architectural Visualization can promote new designs for the property market.

Whether you are at the design, construction, presentation or marketing phase of a building, you can probably benefit from architectural visualization. Have you ever experienced the difficulty of visualizing a new property from floor plans or a 2 dimensional artist? impression? Sometimes it is hard to achieve the full reality of the proposed project, without actually seeing it!

Since technology has changed we now live in a 3D world and we perceive the world in three dimensions, it makes presenting 3D concept the best way to go. We can now help you present a property by taking someone on a virtual walk-through of the building or even a helicopter ride round the outside of the building and over its grounds, using our 3 D Fly- around techniques.

Our experienced 3D technician will study your floor plans or CAD model, examine your intended textures and discuss lighting options before creating and rendering a computerized photorealistic 3D model of your property. Your clients will get a true sense of what it will be like to step foot in the property and be immersed in its reality.
We can go beyond floor plans and CAD models, and enhance you presentations for better acceptance. Contact G-TEK Solutions today to find out how we can bring your company? projects alive with our 3 D architectural visualization.

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