3DVR Internet Solution

Bring your Architectural project to the client via the internet
We have developed the capability of presenting your vision by using a 3D Virtual reality process which will take advantage of the w.w.w. to promote and market.

Eg: shopping malls, country clubs, Restaurants and properties through the Internet. Do the products you are displaying on your website need a three dimensional aspect!
If so, we can provide your visitors another view with a 3D web solution for you! Imagine walking through an apartment block that you are presenting, the 3D technology will make the graphics leap off the computer screen and will keep you audience? interest and persuade them to take action.
With the latest 3D virtual reality tools, we can now integrate lively 3D content into your existing website and give your company the presence it deserves.
Gtek will help engage more of your site visitors senses with this 3D virtual reality technology, and make you website more interesting, informative and profitable.


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